Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Cleaning

Rainbow Cleaning NY specialize in removing potentially harmful contaminants, such as blood or other body fluids, and odors from crime scenes. Blood and body fluids can contain bloodborne pathogens and potentially cause diseases making it harmful and unbeneficial. When blood and body fluids get trapped in floors, walls, and even ceilings, these potential bloodborne pathogens can cause people to be sick and bedridden.

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Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Customized to your Needs

Our Crime Scene cleaning services will restore your home or business to its original state if a crime or traumatic event has taken place at your home or business; our respectful services you can count on. Biohazard, crime scene, trauma and death cleanup require the attention of certified experts.

Who we work with

Our specialist cleaning teams regularly carry out crime scene cleaning tasks for the emergency services, the prison service, social services, social landlords, retailers, leisure companies, and transport companies. Raunbow Cleaning NY has the expertise required to clean many different types of crime scenes, including physical assaults, arson attacks, collisions involving vehicles and incidents where people have self-harmed. For example, we have been called in to clean the inside of police cars and prison cells. We can deploy these specialist teams anywhere in the Ney York City.

Why You Should Avoid Cleaning up a Crime Scene on Your Own

Once the law enforcement officers are done with their work at the scene of the crime, it is often left to the family members to deal with the responsibility of cleaning. While the thought may occur to handle the cleaning on their own, it is strongly discouraged. Crime scenes can be especially dangerous places that individuals can be exposed to bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and other harmful materials.The professionals at Rainbow Cleaning NY possess the necessary equipment, knowledge, training, and attention to detail to ensure that the cleanup and bioremediation process is thorough and complete. Eliminating the potential risk of exposure is crucial for the containment and proper cleanup of a scene and without the proper equipment and cleaning products, ill-equipped individuals will subject themselves to severe dangers.

Why choose Rainbow Cleaning NY Professional crime scene cleaning service?

  •   It may not be reasonable to expect regular staff to deal with a traumatic incident due to the impact on their wellbeing. We train and prepare our teams and fully support them in carrying out this challenging task..

  •   There may be financial, legal or regulatory repercussions from cleaning a crime scene yourself – for example if that invalidates insurance cover.

  •   Rainbow Cleaning NY will provide expert advice to help you recover more quickly and fully from an incident.

  •   Or Professional Cleaning team will use the right techniques to restore building fabrics and furniture or will give you evidence you can use to support an insurance claim if they must be replaced.

  •   Our Thorough, professional removal of bio-hazards will ensure there are no longer-lasting issues, for example pest problems, such as flies infestations.