Spray Disinfecting Services

Spray Disinfecting

We offer a powerful Commercial/Residential disinfecting & antimicrobial spraying services; this kills bacteria, viruses, and deadly pathogens. A healthy, germ-free work or residential environment is one of the best protections from the spread of contagious disease

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spray disinfecting cleaning service for commercial buildings industrial office colleges libraries apartment

Professional Spray Disinfectant Cleaning Available Today

In RainbowCleaningNY, we use latest cleaning chemicals for commercial and residential buildings which are formulated to not only clean and disinfect, but to counteract health care-associated infection (HAI)-causing pathogens and other emerging threats. They also are formulated to balance efficiency and surface compatibility. Ease of use is another important quality. It’s all about effectiveness, speed, safety and processes that reduce the risk of infection.

Our services are that of professionals, we are focused on providing a safe environment of to live in and to do business. To accomplish this in a cost-effective manner, we disinfectants that are broad-spectrum, fast-acting, stay wet for the required dwell time, and are safe and easy to use.

One of the big challenges related to disinfectant chemical products in commercial and residential building surfaces is achieving an appropriate balance between efficacy and surface compatibility. Effectiveness is critical to reducing the risk of infection, but appropriate care must be taken to protect surfaces and equipment from damage.

There are two key considerations when it comes to surface compatibility: aesthetic issues, such as residue, and corrosion. All disinfectants can cause surface compatibility issues if they are used improperly. This is where our professionalism speaks; we use chemicals that minimises the risk of aesthetic issues to its bearest minimum.

spray disinfecting cleaning service for commercial buildings industrial office colleges libraries apartment

Types of Surfaces Typically Sprayed:

  • Phones, Desks, Tablets and Keyboards
  • Cabinets, Closets and Storage
  • Doors, Elevators and Escalators
  • Bathrooms
  • Common Areas
First, we clean the surfaces, removing any contaminants, dust, or debris. We do this by wiping them with soapy water (or a cleaning spray) and a hand towel. Then we apply a surface-appropriate disinfectant. The quickest and easiest way to do this is with disinfecting wipes or disinfectant spray